About Us

Experience the Taste

Reinventing Traditional Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn) with a modern twist… Build-Your-Own. PAPER RICE is a Vietnamese fast-casual restaurant specializing in Vietnamese fresh Spring Rolls, Spring Bowls, and Bánh Mì. Mix and match farm-fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, and tasty marinated proteins for new and delicious combinations made to your taste. It is like eating a rolled-up salad (minus the Bowl and fork).

For the traditionalist, Bánh Mì is the solution that combines savory proteins with fresh vegetables and herbs into a crispy baguette. No matter how you build it, a fantastic and light meal that is fresh, filling, and loaded with flavors awaits you.

What makes us original is that you can build your own fresh spring rolls. It makes for the perfect healthy and quick anytime meal, just grab and go! We roll it your way into a thin rice paper (only 30 calories) for our signature Spring Roll or enjoy the same fresh ingredients delectably laid out in a Spring Bowl.

The main vision of PAPER RICE is to change the landscape of quick-order food, and offer a fresh, light, and satisfying option. So, what will you choose – to Roll or Bowl?


A very important and crucial factor in our decision making in every stage of building Paper Rice is how we can contribute to our environment. From choosing our energy-efficient equipment to our compostable food packaging, we will continue to do our part to better our community.

We will always look for ways to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible… because it is our responsibility!


Due to the current pandemic, we are following all protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For your safety and our staff’s, face masks are required upon entry into our restaurant. Your cooperation will help save lives.